Love Letters

I have loved you with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.

Jeremiah 31:3

Remember getting a letter in the mail? While there’s nothing wrong with text messaging and emails, they just don’t have the affect of a hand written letter. Do you remember, perhaps as a child, the excitement of receiving a letter? Maybe from a relative or a pen pal? Even more so, who remembers being a teenager and getting a love letter from someone interested in you? Or the butterflies in your stomach and giggles while reading it over and over with your best friend? Those memories bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Of course, as you grow up and mature, love letters become more meaningful, with a depth of love that causes your heart to race and emotions to soar. There is something exhilerating in the expression of love from someone who knows you fully and longs to be with you. It is a powerful thing to be known and loved, to be understood and cherished even when you don’t feel lovable. Especially when you receive that letter right when you need it the most. These amazing moments let you know that everything will be okay, because someone understands how you are feeling and is with you, whatever you encounter in life. It assures us that we are not alone.

We all have moments in life when we feel like no one understands or cares how we feel, but then something happens. You see or hear something that relates just to you and what you are going through and it tells you that God is with you, watching over you, and listening to you. I call these love letters from God. Things that could seem random at first but if you look closer, listen harder, you will find the fingerprints of God. A message from His heart to yours, telling you not to give up.

I love experiencing these love letter moments but I also enjoy being a part of them in someone else’s life. Recently, I had the privilege of having a way to bless someone with something they needed. The love letter from God wasn’t just about meeting the need of the woman, but was His way of showing that He knew she was feeling unloved, undervalued and alone. Me contacting her out of the blue, without knowing the circumstances she was dealing with, was a love letter from God with the message that He has never left her, that He sees her pain, her frustation, and her desperation. Not only did He supply a natural blessing but touched her heart, reminding her of His love and how He cares for her.

My friend, let me encourage you that in whatever you are dealing with in life, you are not alone. God is with you. He wants to show you in real, tangible ways just how much He loves you. The above scripture from the book of Jeremiah is a love letter from God. He loves you with an everlasting, unfailing love and is drawing you to Himself. If you haven’t responded to Him yet, you can. I urge you to speak to Him, invite Him into your life and then listen and watch as He reveals His amazing love for you.

Until next time,


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