The Journey Begins

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Welcome to my house…

Welcome to my blog! I truly hope you find wisdom, laughter, strength and love as I share the endless things in my heart with you. Have you ever had someone come to your mind suddenly and you find yourself wanting to send them a message to encourage them or let them know how you value them? That is my sincere desire for this blog space: that those who find it feel a sense of ‘home’, knowing that they are loved and wanted here.

I welcome you here just as you would be welcome in my home, so kick your shoes off and let’s chat about good things that stir the soul and inspire us to be better people and a positive influence in our world. The beautiful thing about getting older year by year is that we gain so much wisdom and insight into life and we all have so much we’ve learned that we need to share with others. Here’s a little about my life to help you know me a little better.

I’ve lived for 47 years on this beautiful earth in 2 countries, in 7 cities, married to the same man for 27 years, have 3 incredible children, 2 grown up and 1 still in high school. I have 20 years of ministry experience in 4 countries, another 10 if you count every area I worked in growing up as a pastor’s kid. (All the PK’s shout ‘Amen!’)

I love God and know Him as my Father and His Word is my greatest treasure. I love Jesus and simply wouldn’t be me without Him. I love the Holy Spirit and am in awe of how He teaches and guides me. And last but never least, I love you! “What? How can you love a total stranger?” I’m glad you asked! I love you because you are created by God and a part of His grand design for all things. He brought you to this space to be loved, encouraged, strengthened and inspired. I’m so glad you’re here! You don’t have to be perfect, look perfect, have it all together and don’t have to hold it all together. You are amongst friends and this is a place to be real, to be human, to be you. We have lots to talk about!

Come back soon!


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